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Laganini Lounge Bar & Fish House is one of Croatia’s most exclusive holiday destinations, easily accessible via boat transfers from Hvar and located on the beautiful island of St.Clement. Originally established over 50 years ago, we have steadily grown to become one of the most
prestigious stop-over’s for gourmet cuisine and resort holiday enthusiasts. Besides the exotic seafood on offer, we also boast one the most renowned lounge bar’s on the Mediterranean, with a wide range of heavenly cocktails for your consumption.

Exquisite atmosphere - Elegant Cuisine

Fish house


We offer a diverse selection of fresh seafood dishes ranging from local mouth watering Adriatic tuna to our extraordinary wild Norwegian salmon which are all prepared to absolute perfection by our resident award-winning chef Hrvoje Zirojević. To accompany our amazing dishes we also offer an extensive wine list which boasts some of the finest local and international brands the world has to offer.

Intriguing Cocktails - Compelling Sushi

Lounge Bar


Imagine leaning back and sipping one of our signature cocktails while enjoying the unique ambience our lounge bar has to offer. Imagine sunbathing in one of our cabanas after a refreshing swim right at the banks of our crystal blue waters. Imagine sitting back and savouring some of the most unforgettable hand crafted sushi while relaxing and enjoying an atmosphere that is unrivalled by any other holiday destination in the Adriatic. Does this sound like paradise? Its just another day at Lounge Bar Laganini.

360° Video
Experience our marvellous Fish House & Lounge Bar

Discover Laganini


Can’t wait to arrive at the spot where dreams are made? Want to get in the mood for your next trip to Laganini? Or would you love to share your unparalleled experience with your friends and family?

Take a look at our alluring 360° video of the local area or take them for a high-quality virtual tour around the finest resort in Croatia. But careful, you might even end up enticing them to make a trip with you next time you come to Laganini.

Virtual Tour
Selected delicacies of unrivalled quality

Laganini’s specialties

Lounge Bar Beverages
Browse a huge range of cocktails and drinks
Fish House Menu
Peruse a wide variety of seafood specialities
Lounge Bar Sushi Carte
Explore a supreme list of sushi cuisine

Working hours

Fish House
Monday – Sunday

12:00 pm – 12:00 am

Lounge Bar
Saturday – Sunday

12:00 pm – 1:00 am

Lounge Bar Kitchen (Booking Via Phone)
Saturday – Sunday

12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

(+385) 911-744-976

We accept reservations for lunch and dinner. To book your table please call +385 (0) 91 1744 976 between 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday, or send us a message.

Relish yourself in culinary delights under Laganini's care

Table Reservations


If you have special needs or requests, please let us know.

Reservation confirmation is validated by Laganini via sms, phone call or e-mail.

Team Laganini

Laganini is composed of three main components: Gorgeous ambience, distinctive culinary delights and the ever beating “heart” of Laganini itself; the staff. Our team come together time and time again to create an exceptional atmosphere where each and every one of our guests can feel like they are having an experience of a lifetime. Our wonderful team of dedicated staff will cheerfully await you too upon your arrival at Laganini!

The story of “Laganini” has been in his family for over 2 generations and if one thing is certain, its his never ending desire to strive for the highest quality experiences for his customers. During the past few years with his constant yearning to build something unique and special, through hard work and dedication, his vision has now finally evolved into the one and only Laganini as we all know and love it today.
Our multi award-winning chef Hrvoje is held in the highest regards both locally as well as within the international cuisine community. His attention to detail in both preparation and execution of his dishes is always of sheer perfection, as is evident in the form of multiple culinary awards received over the span of his career.
The very person who ensures that everything is in order at our Lounge Bar here at Laganini. With his professional team of bartenders and cocktail makers Stjepko is the man responsible for maintaining the the immaculate level of service and quality that every guest has grown accustom to when visiting us here at Laganini.
If you find yourself enjoying the culinary delights of Laganini, make sure to thank Mate for managing and directing of the inner workings of our restaurant. His job is to ensure and safeguard the quality of service that has become the absolute standard here at Laganini today.
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